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Lucas Marcelli Memorial Scholarship Fund

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Two of the young men involved in the crash were second-year students, William Michael Felten, 20, of Saginaw, Michigan, and Lucas Marcelli, 20, of Massillon, Ohio. Also on board the plane were first-year students John Hill, 18, of St. Simons, Georgia, and Abraham Pishevar, 18, of, Rockville, Maryland.

The National Transportation Safety Board arrived at the Cuyahoga County Airport this afternoon to begin its investigation of the crash. The plane, a 1999 Cessna 172R, took off but then almost immediately crashed on a road just outside the airport’s property. At this point these are all of the confirmed details we know about the accident.

Our Student Affairs staff has been working closely with those who lived in buildings with the students, and our counseling service is offering walk-in appointments. We recognize that this tragedy is most heartbreaking for the families and close friends of the victims, but also know that it affects the entire campus in different ways. These young men all were smart, engaged and full of dreams for their lives after graduation. To see such promising lives suddenly cut short impacts all of us. We feel profound sympathy for their loved ones. We reflect upon our own personal moments of sorrow. And we come together to support one another in this challenging time.

I will provide additional updates as circumstances warrant. Meanwhile, please keep these families, and this community, in your thoughts.


Barbara R. Snyder

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